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Why is Mobile Grooming Expensive?

Mobile dog grooming is not your traditional brick-and-mortar dog grooming salon. Typically, dog owners are surprised when they inquire about my prices, and I understand that the pricing is not suitable for everyone. In theory, both salons provide the same service to groom your dogs, but why is the price so different? Brick-and-mortar and mobile grooming businesses function differently concerning scheduling, pricing, and convenience.

1. Convenience

The number one reason is the convenience factor. Think of mobile groomers as a "DoorDash" food delivery service. We are similar in that I drive to your home, bringing my entire salon to your doorstep. Mobile groomers have all the tools needed (i.e., water, electricity, power) to groom your dog. I also offer the option of a "latch-key service" for those of you who cannot be home at the time of your appointment. We can arrange to leave a key, garage code, or remote door access to your home. All you need to do is have your dog in a crate or small enclosed room, and I'll return them per your instructions.

2. One-on-One Attention  

I take my time with each dog to work within their comfort level, navigate any health issues, and provide all the assistance and reassurance they require. I understand that not all dogs enjoy the grooming process, but I aim to create a positive grooming experience from beginning to end and build trust and rapport with your dog over time.

3. All-Inclusive Grooming Package with Premium Products

Many salons offer a low base price and then upsell you to add on additional services that should be part of a total grooming package. My All-Inclusive Grooming Package includes every service your dog deserves to look and feel their best!

4. My Commitment

My clients deserve the best, so I continuously invest in improving my skills as a groomer and dog handler with continued education via books, workshops, online seminars, and trade expos, where I purchase the best dog grooming products for your dogs.

Mobile grooming offers you and your dog many advantages, but it costs more than getting your dog groomed in a traditional grooming salon. My services provide personalized attention, gentle techniques, and loving care with quality products. Mobile grooming is not a high-volume business; it is a premium service designed to reduce the anxiety and stress of grooming your dog and to be a convenience and time-saver for you. Mobile grooming is not for everyone; only you can decide if the care, quality, and attention are worth the price for your dogs.

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