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Pets are accepted for grooming with the following conditions being met and accepted by the owner or person responsible for the pet.

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The owner presents a pet that is healthy enough to be groomed. Grooming may expose pre-existing health and skin problems for which My Mobile Groomer LLC cannot be liable. Grooming on an elderly pet or pet with health problems is at the owner's risk.

The owner agrees to pay for all grooming services deemed necessary. Some services may not be able to be performed if the pet becomes overly stressed or aggressive.

If fleas are present, a flea bath will be given at the owner's expense, $15-$25, based on the size of the pet.

Owner understands that all quoted grooming prices are ESTIMATES and may increase or decrease based on coat condition, skin conditions, special handling needs, the pet's demeanor, and other additional services requested by the owner.

The owner understands that de-matting, shaving, clipping, stripping, and carding may cause hair loss, patchiness, skin irritations, sores, or cuts and may expose pre-existing skin conditions. My Mobile Groomer LLC will discuss the best-recommended haircut for your pet and will only perform grooming in the safest manner.

Owner understands that the pet's nails will be clipped, thus with the possibility of exposing the quick, which may or may not bleed at the time of grooming but may afterward. If nails bleed during pet grooming service, My Mobile Groomer LLC will apply styptic powder and notify owner. If pet's nails bleed after a grooming appointment, brown sugar or corn starch can be applied to stop bleeding if styptic powder is not available.

My Mobile Groomer LLC will exercise all due responsible care to prevent injury or illness to owners' pet. However, in the event of illness, injury, or death resulting from a pre-existing condition, the pet owner will not personally hold the owner, Trisha Crittenden of My Mobile Groomer LLC, personally liable for such instances.

The owner is responsible for all property damage or injury to a person caused by their pet while under the care of My Mobile Groomer LLC.

You are welcome to check in on your pet while grooming. Please call or text ahead of time to ensure the excitement of your pet seeing you does not pose a risk of injury while being groomed.

The owner understands that the pet's RABIES vaccine must be current and up to date before grooming services. DAPP and Bordetella vaccines are highly recommended for all pets of any age. Failure to keep these vaccines current is the pet owner's sole responsibility, and My Mobile Groomer LLC will not be held liable for any illness resulting from lacking recommended vaccines.

Cancellation Policy: 24-hour notice is required, or a $25 fee will be charged before your next appointment can be made. There will be a $50 No show/trip fee for missed

Policies: Text
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